My Chicago First: 10K run 


Bonjour mes amours! I am going to start something new with my post, I am going to alternate from fashion, beauty articles with a “my Chicago first” themed blog post. Please continue to follow and support my journey here. Besides being obsessed with fashion and beauty. I call Chicago a her because she’s a girlfriend who has helped me discover what I want, enjoy, and love in life. I have a saying with her…

Je t’aime Chicago. Hier, aujourd’hui, demain, et toujours.

Back in 2015 I became inspired by a person who had changed his entire lifestyle. He became fit, lost a ton of weight and exercises daily. To this day he is still killing it! I kept telling myself damn I want to get skinny and fit too. At first, it was for looks but then it became a life-changing process that got me to change my diet once I moved to Chicago. Jogging, becoming pescatarian and cutting meat out of my diet has helped me immensely to lose weight. I love that when I sweat, I sweat clean and not salty from eating meat.

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Honestly, I had clue what was gonna happen when I participated in my first 10K run. I thought I was gonna die. 10K is roughly 6 miles and I was asking my bestie for advice on how to train for this and she was giving me a lot of tips and said to focus on breathing and pacing.  My goal was to cross that finish line under 2 hours and still be alive. By the time I was at my 5th mile I was so sore but I just kept telling myself “keep going because you’re almost there.”  I like to image that Paris is at the end of the finish line. I just see myself sipping on a cafe au lait since French coffee is too strong for me and eating a fluffy pain au choclat. Hahaha! Check out my millennial medial it’s cuteeee. 

My good running buddy Eva helped me from the get-go. Without her nagging me to actually start recording my time and train I wouldn’t have gotta this far. In a sense, she was my coach. When I heard the buzzard go off and people were starting to run, I pumped up my music and the adrenaline kicked in. I was frightened because I didn’t know what to expect but move forward.

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The Mag Mile was challenging but fun, once I started to run near the lake-shore it got hard to breathe but hearing everyone cheer each other on was the best feeling ever. Seeing so many diverse people was cool, not only was the Mag Mile diverse in people but also in age. I saw youth, adults, and seniors running.

In the words of Lao Tzu, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  What was the last time you did something for the first time? Comment below and follow me on Instagram @aliciamaikaoinc for more fashion, beauty, and travel updates.




Elle est forte

Coucou mes chatons. Happy Monday!!!  I know I said  I’d have one post out every Thursday and I was late posting up last week. So to make up for it I’ll have two post out this week one Monday AND Thursday. Yay for more writing 😉


For those who are curious here’s my outfit break down | Color-block dress from The Limited (similar styles here)| Velvet chunky H&M kitten heels (similar ones here) | Agatha silver navy leather watch (similar one here) 

Let’s get into it: I wanted to talk about my Chicago firsts. Everyone often asks, “Why are you in Chicago?” My response, “For my freedom and the challenge.” Here in Chicago, I have no family and my circle of friends is very tight knit. I came to Chicago to seek a new lifestyle of becoming a traveling big city girl. It hasn’t been all glamour, however; the ride has been one huge learning process from: leading successful galas to broken hearts to almost getting into my dream agency to meeting the Intern Queen aka Lauren Berger .

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I knew I was crazy when I join AmeriCorps VISTA, I question myself sometimes on how I am living on this stipend.  Since working in nonprofit I’ve kept myself busy with volunteering outside of work and raising money for the Asian American community targeting the youth, elderly, and refugees. I became a associate silent auction director for Lunar Ball. I wouldn’t have survived without my team. Even when we met outside of volunteering hours we still talked about LB.  But at the end of the day everyone held it together. Delegating and leading my team into success was a new form of empowerment and drive that I have never felt before.  Coming to Chicago allowed me to push myself to become leader who was capable to think and act fast under any circumstance. I wouldn’t know what to do without my dim sum gals.

As somebody who often looks ahead, I started to learn how to celebrate the small milestones while trying to cave my career. I often volunteer with Hanul Family Alliance- Chicago for their huge fundraising events. By volunteering my time, I was sponsored by HFA for their Korean Women’s International Networking convention. All of the speakers left me motivated and help re-position what I want for my career goals. Plus I was able to network with WOC in various work sectors from the arts to corporate to NGOs. I swear moving to Chicago was the best thing that ever happened to me. Even in the darkest hours, this city knows that when you put in hard work you end up with amazing results.

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Networking has brought me to where I am today right now. When your friend knows a friend who knows a friend, you start to realize how small the ad/ public relations community is. As my AmeriCorps VISTA contract is ending I started to network hard and I was able to meet and gain advice from Intern Queen aka Lauren Berger. To step inside Golin was an motivating experience because I thought to myself one day I will work for an amazing company like this. Lauren offered so many insights and was a total sweetheart and made sure to let me know who I should be introducing myself to for informational interviews etc. Overall, a night I wont forget because I remember looking up to Lauren since freshmen year of college as I was seeking my  dream fashion internship in NYC.

Have you ever felt so much connection to a city where you weren’t even born from? If so comment below and share your story with me.  I know that France is a country that will always, always have my heart.

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My Instagram at a glance in February 2016


Coucou mes chatons!!! Happy Wednesday! The month of February has been filled with many positive and negative events. Ta Let’s start with the good news, I became an editor at New York Girl Style, make sure to check out my first article about Bella Hadid.

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After reading a couple of articles from Instyle magazine, I was inspired to do my own version of the slip dress. I love that a trench coat can dress any outfit up or down and if you’re wondering was I cold for this photoshoot the answer is yes! However, for the love of fashion I will do anything for that perfect wining shot! February was also the month of reminiscing about my traveling days in Praha. I still cannot believe its been a year already. I am up for another adventure and lately Italy has been on my mind. The 90s kid in me wants to full-fill my Lizzie McGuire Italian dreams hahaha! Who wants to go with me???

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Now on to some negative news, a couple of days ago I got into a car accident and the other party hit my bumper. Honestly all I can say is that karma is real and what goes around comes around. When people lie and are dishonest, the truth will come out sooner or later. But enough of all of this negative talk, I need to stay positive and keep on grinding and work towards my goals of improving myself.

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Bisous,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao



I Miss Praha

Today gives me the traveling blues! Man take me back to the days when I wandered the streets of Praha and enjoyed the blissful scenery. Crazy how time flies it’s been three hundred and sixty-five days already.

People often sat that Praha is the Paris of Eastern Europe. I wouldn’t know if it is or not since the farthest east that I’ve been to is Budapest, Hungary, but that’s an story for another day! But I can say that Praha has bomb food, rich history and wonderful people! I don’t know what I miss more the trdelník, my awesome tour guide Gibby or the overall hostel lifestyle.

Fellow travelers if you’re ever in the area check out Hostel Santini Prague, it didn’t even feel like a hostel, it had more of a hotel feeling. I met so many chill travelers, Jayden hopefully you’re doing well in Malaysia.

Our  spontaneous adventure into the night as we tried to find the Chinese lanterns event.

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Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao

2015 Wrap Up!

Better late than never, hey loves! Here’s my bestnine! 2015 has been one kick-ass year! I was focused and reached my goals of being able to travel and learn more about myself while living in Europe. So many highs that beat the lows. I know what I am capable of and my goals for 2016 are even higher. Nothing but good vibes, an open mind and a free spirit.

Personal Goals for 2016

  1. exercise more 30 mins three days a week, drop two pants sizes
  2. apply and get into grad school
  3. look for a public relations job
  4. become intermediate-advance conversation in Français
  5. travel more next stop: Italie ❤

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    Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

    -Alicia Maikao

On y va en Grèce


Il est bronze, il est beau et il a des yeux qui pourrait éclairer une salle. C’est qui? C’est Kostas. Je sais qu’il est possible de trouver lui à Santorini. J’ai plusieurs des belles mémoires à Santorini avec mon version 《Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants》avec mes soeurs.

Kee, Me, Hailey, Anita and Victoria in Ancient City, Santorini, GR. *** Show your European school ID and get into Ancient City for free!

En compagnie de Kee on y va entre à Santorini dans  une auberge de jeunesse de Fira Backpackers. Le prix est raisonnable et j’ai rencontré beaucoup des jeunes voyageurs comme nous. Deux faits intéressantes, c’est interdit de jetter les papier toilette sur les toilettes et tu devrais acheter de l’eau en bouteille pour boire et cuisiner. À mon avis, je crois que la ville de Fira est plus belle que la ville de Oia. Il y a beaucoup  des  touristes à Oia. Mais je suis d’accord que le coucher du soleil est plus belle et connu à Oia.


Qu’est-ce on fait à  Santorini? On peut boire du vin, louer une voiture, faire une randonnée ou  bronzer sur la plage. Avec deux américaines, deux canadiennes et une anglaise qui veulent conduire un voiture levier de vitesse? Une anglaise, Anita! Elle m’a dit les voitures levier de vitesse sont plus commun. Elle nous a conduits autour de la ville. Nous avons dragué les hommes. C’était drôle, parce que les hommes ont été choqués que les filles sont parlé comme <<hey fellas how you doin’!!? 😉 >>

Processed with VSCOcam

Nous nous sommes reposés toute la journée. D’abord, nous sommes allées à les plage comme: la plage rouge, la plage noir et la plage de Perissa. Je vous conseille que vous devriez porter un écran solaire parce que j’ai attrapé un coups de soleil. Aussi, si vous nagez, ne portez pas de contacts oculaires à cause de l’eau salée. Il peut piquer vos yeux . Après les plages, on se reposer avec le vin à Santo Wines. Tu peux choisir les nombre de verres tu veux boire. J’ai choisi 6 verres avec les entrée comme: le fromage et les biscuit salé. Avec les vins, je préfère numéro un( vin blanc)  parce qu’il n’est pas fort et numéro six (vin rouge) parce qu’il est un vin dessert. 

 Processed with VSCOcamLe deuxième jour à Santorini,  Kee et moi avons essayé une randonnée à Oia. Mais il faisait chaud et Kee est tombé et elle a frappé sa jambe. Donc, nous avons choisi d’ arrêter et retourner à l’auberge de jeunesse.

***Conseil: Si tu fais sur l’âne monter la colline, pas bas de la colline comme moi. Le prix est un peu cher. Ça coûte environ 5 euros, mais je pense, il n’est pas nécessaire de monter les ânes parce qu’ils ont un l’air fatigué. Tu peux descendre les escaliers parce que tout les vues est jolie à Santorini . 



Est-ce que tu as visiter Grèce? Si oui, dites-moi votre experience! N’oublie pas et follow moi sur Instagram @aliciamaikaoUtilisez le #aliciavoyageengrèce pour trouver mes photos!

7 Things In France That Made Me Say: GIRRLLL


No matter how many times that I travel to France or Europe in general. There are some cultural differences that I try to adjust to but still shake my head and do a double take and ask myself “why girl, why??” And yes I understand that I was living in another country to gain new experiences. I am not throwing shade, I am talking about MY cultural shock/ experiences differences that I found interesting, odd and just plain weird.

  1. No free public restrooms in France. Whenever I went out with friends, shopping or waiting for my next train ride to Paris, if I had to use the restrooms I’d have to pay 1-2 Euros. Let’s just say that some emergencies were well worth 2 Euros. ahahha!
  2. I don’t know how it is at other French high schools and universities but the ones that I went didn’t have toilet seats on them. Yes, girl I sat on the rim but after five months of studying abroad I got use to it and it became okay.
  3. Smoking is allowed everywhere and I honestly felt that my skin became stress from all the toxins. So I combated that by doing a Korean face mask once a week. I really like using Innisfree New Its Real Squeeze Green Tea Mask. The essences created plenty of moisture.
  4. Dog poop, I honestly believe that nobody picks up their dog’s poop because every morning whiling I’m trying to catch the bus for university, I was dogging poop left and right on the sidewalk.
  5. Fromage and pain, it’s eaten with every meal. Man oh man I miss eating camembert. 😭
  6. Cream Fresh, living in Normandie I ate that stuff almost every other day! What is it? It’s a magical white creamy sauce that’s cooked with salad, beef, pork, chicken really anything and everything. It truly is the icing for French cuisine.
  7.  French cafe, in my opinion, it’s wayyyy too strong for my preference. Nowadays I know to order cafe allonge, it’s less potent. _DSC0357

Have you ever drank, tasted or experienced something unique while visiting France or Europe? Share your stories with me.

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