Sunsets and Stripes

Coucou mes amours! I am the worst at blogging. I really need to keep my promises with posting once a week because I am three posts behind. Thank you all again for being patience.

Today was an impromptu photo shoot on my rooftop, I was checking out the building’s community garden and dang the view was stunning as the sun was setting. Shout out to my photographer Chuey for catching the right angles and making my skin g l o w. LOL, of course, I gotta give props to Chanel as well. If you ladies and fellas haven’t tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation then you must go get it now. It’s lightweight and gives an airbrushed look, if you’re curious I’m in the shade beige 30.

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Don’t you think this would be a cute first date outfit? I love wearing black because it helps elongate the body. I wore this outfit for a boba date and after seeing the photos, I ended up going with my black booties because that helped me look a bit taller.  I’ve been seeing so many girls rock overalls and thought damn, I should try it too. I wouldn’t say I am a fashion trailblazer, but I do like to try trendy pieces and make them timeless so that I don’t look outdated.

For those who are curious here’s my outfit breakdown | striped crisscross tee Forever 21 (similar style here) | black denim overalls Forever 21 (similar one here) | black quilted flats H&M (similar one here) |

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AliciaMaikaoINC One More Time

alicia-maikao-ly-hmong-blogger-chicaoBonjour mes beautés! I apologize for the one year hiatus. 2016 was an emotional year for me, I was escaping the lowest point of my life and trying to reinvent myself as I made my move to Chicago. I wanted erase everything behind me and in a sense stay quiet. I had so many things I wanted to focus on like: networking, getting fit, eating healthier, creating a name for myself, explore my career options, and experience all of my Chicago firsts (like deep dish pizza of course).

I put blogging on my back burner because I didn’t feel confidant in my writing, the creativity wasn’t flowing, and fashion blogging gets expensive when you don’t have sponsors lol. But I told myself that once a week I will have a blog post ready every Thursday. I’m gonna see it as a quite time to release my creative juices again. I took on a second side gig so I can justify my luxurious splurges now. ^_^

Since September 7, 2017 is the rebirth of aliciamaikaoinc, I wanted something fresh so I went for a baby blue off the shoulder shirt gifted from my cousin Ashley. I’ve been obsessed with black jeans, skirts, shorts anything you name it. You can’t really see it but the details on this pair of cropped jeans has frayed ends. I’m very simple when it comes to my style. I prefer simple silhouettes and statement pieces that are classics that can be worn over and over.

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The highlight of this outfit is my dainty jewelry. I bought this cute gold necklace from etsy seller  LoveEmilyD. I saw her necklace on a hand full of  girls in Chicago, and thought to myself “I NEED YOU.” The Chicago flag necklace is quite popular and can be bought at locally at Foursided. They  have an array of cute stationary, gifts, novelty items. I encourage you all to check em’ out.


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The Golden Hour Glow



Coucou mes beautés! We’re half way through August and this week is all about that summer time glow without the sun?!??!! One of my favorite times to shoot is during the golden hour because it makes everything all warm and hazy.alicia-maikao-lySEE ALSO: My Instagram at a Glance July 2016

I’m super into protecting my skin at all cost and have tried every trick of the trade to fight wrinkles from using creams to serums. I know, I know…I’m only 24-years-old but hey prevention is key!!!  I avoid going outside at all cost for no longer than an hour and that’s with me slathered with SPF 50+ (I’m currently enjoying Shiseido ‘s Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion, which is great for those with sensitive skin like moi.)  I love a good foundation with a SPF too. I noticed that it’s more common in Asian beauty products to have a high SPF of 30 or higher unlike American products.

In the Hmong culture, I would always see women, children and even men carry umbrellas to Hmong tournaments not because of the rain but to help stay cool and block the sunny rays. I swear my people are so smart! So now where ever I go I bring one too, Hmong tournament or not it’s one more way to block those harmful UV-rays. alicia-maikao-ly

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Another great way I protect my skin is by wearing flirty floppy hats like this one. I bought it at a night market for under $10. (You can cop some cute ones similar to mine from Forever 21 here & here.)  The floppy hat elevates my look and the neutral beige color isn’t invasive to my navy slip dress and kimono so my outfit isn’t overwhelming and simplistic.alicia-maikao-lyHow do you stay protected under the sun? Like and comment below. Follow me on IG for fashion, beauty and travel updates. Until next time:


Instant Style: Cutout Booties



Coucou mes amours! The weekend is among us and I just wanna say happy Friday.  Recently I made a new purchase for a pair of sude cutout booties. These booties scream glam and definitely steal the show. My fashion inspiration comes from French woman and Forever 21’s “Now Girl.” I love mixing the two together for a sense of edgy, glam, street and minimalistic.

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alicia-maikao-lySo you’re probably wonder where I got my outfit from? My mom’s closet. Going through her stuff is like going back in time to the 80s and 90s. Her simple black skirt with knee-high slits was from the 90s and her statement necklace originally belonged her sister when she “borrowed” it but never returned. If any of you have siblings you know how that story goes. HAHAHA! I did get my noir chiffon top at Forever 21 (check out here & here for similar styles).

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As for the star of the show my cutout booties, I got them at Macy’s during a sale.  They may look like basic cutout booties at the front but when I turn them to the side….BAM! The heels are see-through and chunky (which is on trend for a hot minute).alicia-maikao-ly Will you be trying out cutout booties this fall? Like and comment below. Don’t forget to follow me IG @aliciamaikaoinc for fashion, beauty and travel updates.

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Casual Cool Street Style: Bomber jackets

Coucou mes chatons! Happy Wednesday! As you can see I’m trying to revamp my blog so you will see changes in a variety of things of from my layout to my writing style. With that being said I hope you all continue to support me and read my blog.

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions . Doing this photo shoot was difficult in the sense of I felt and thought I look fat and every angle. However, what pushed me to continue this shoot was you guys my supporters. I use this platform as a place where I can write out my thoughts and communicate with you guys.

Small town, Mid-West little Appleton, Wis. doesn’t have a lot going  on for them fashion wise. Trends don’t catch on here as fast as they do in LA, NYC and even Chicago. So I guess I’ll bring it to Appleton.

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Bomber jackets, comfy, casual and dare I even say chic!??! I’m rocking my mom’s bomber jacket from the 90s when she went to beauty school. I’ve notice that the new styles are more fitted and slim (Check out these cute ones from Forever 21 here & here)  maybe that’s why when I was wearing this I envisioned fitted but my photos ended up looking overly puffy. Who knows, I’m trying to challenge myself more and see fashion as art and not take fashion so serious.

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Can we talk about these Green Adidas Stan Smiths though? It was January of 2015 and I first laid my eyes on these beauties. I saw all these cute French girls wearing them so effortlessly and thought to myself. “Dang, I wanna look as cool as them too!” Looking high and low all over Caen with my friend Austen and they were always SOLD OUT in my size 37, like what the hell!

Rewind to J4 weekend and I find them at Rosedale Mall!! I was ecstatic but then the hype of these shoes faded in the fashion world. Kendall Jenner was already rocking her new “it-girl” sneakers. But I thought to myself, I’m getting these and still gonna rock em. Why? because they’re cute and going back to the Mid-West these haven’t caught on trend yet so can I say that I’m the first to rock em here in little ol’ Appleton?

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My Instagram at a glance: JULY 2016

Salut mes chatons! J’espère que vous avez bien. We’re half way through the year and there have been many challenges that I’ve faced. I checked a couple of things off my bucket list, grown personally and striving for my professional growth as well. Let’s just get into it, it’s been month of highs and lows.

First off, I finally tried something new with my cousins over J4. Paddle boarding for the first time and it was kickass! I love that I was able to be active and enjoy the amazing scenery. Hung out at Lake Calhoun, MN and now I’m planning to buy my first SUP board over xmas or cyber Monday.


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In the times of “Just Do It” I really did. For my sister’s graduation, I took her and myself skydiving for the first time at Skydive Midwest. Yes it was a gift to her but myself as well. The first 1 minute of the free fall I could not breathe what-so-ever, it was difficult adjusting since the wind was smacking my face at 100mph. HAHAHA! in all serious I thought to myself if I want to get out of this quarter-life crisis of mine I gotta want it as bad as the need to breathe! Not trying to get all philosophical but the release of finally seeing the view was mind blowing. Skydive Midwest says you can even see the Chicago skyline, yes but it’s veryyyy tiny. However, seeing Chicago right there made me realize tout est possible It’s like the city was teasing me saying “Alicia I’m right here, all you gotta do is walk on over” I’ve realized that if I want my career to start. I gotta start from the BOTTOM BOTTOM, if that’s the only way then so be it. I’ve got a vision and others may not see it but if I can’t see it for myself how can my loved ones believe in me?


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As I think about all of these thoughts, I need to remember to have fun and I finally put out my first makeup intro video of the Too Faced Peach palette. It’s scary knowing that there could be eyes watching my video. But whatever I need to get over it. I’m planning on filming a “real” video soon. So stay tuned loves. Anywho thanks for listening to me.

My summer to-go eyeshadow palette.—🍑

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My blog will be going through changes and I’m planing to revamp my layout so please be patient if things look crazy. Love you all. Have you checked off your bucket list yet? If so tell me about it and Don’t forget to follow me on IG @aliciamaikaoinc for more fashion, beauty and travel updates.


My Favorite Celeb Style at The 2016 Tony Awards

How many of you watched the 2016 Tony Awards? I know I did and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out. At the 70th annual awards show there were so many high profiling celebs there like Allison Williams to Jourdan Dunn to Lucy Liu.2016 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Williams was spotted wearing a white sleek custom jumpsuit by DKNY. I love that Williams rocked the look with dewy skin, sleek hair and black heels.

While the super-model Dunn chose to wear a rose pink Zac Posen gown with matching sparkly strapy heels. I love how fitted the dress was at the waist and her jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz was the icing on the cake! Dunn’s earrings and statement necklace was defiantly an attention grabber. And yes she even posed with Zac Posen Throughout the night.

2016 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Lastly when I saw Lucy Liu in bright pastel yellow Zuhair Murad Couture gown, my jaw dropped. Why? because Liu looked effortless and the floral embellishments were a nice touch to the gown. Liu was a showstopper imo, the plunging neckline with a synced waist showed off her shoulders and made her look stunning. But what I loved most about her ensemble were her studded earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. by having a pop of shimmer she glowed all throughout the night at the awards.

If you have a favorite look from the Tony Awards tweet me your thoughts @aliciamaikaoinc and let’s get the conversation started.

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Spring Look For Petite Women


Salut mes amours! Spring is here in Wisconsin and I’m ready to brighten up my wardrobe! Ever since living in France, all I wear is BLACK! Yes, it’s chic and effortless but I’m not gonna lie it can get dull. There are so many trends that are quite popular this spring like the off shoulder tops, flared denim jeans and even grey/silver hair trend and foiled freckles.

I think I’ll be trying all these fun trends this spring, except the foiled freckles that many bloggers sported during Coachella. Why? because I’m au natural! Your girl has real freckles but my guess it’s from sun damage. As I get older, I swear I find more spots on my face, so now I wear a ton of SPF.

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Bisous,  À la prochaine fois! -Alicia Maikao


What To Wear At A Wedding


Coucou mes chatons!!! Happy Friday! Spring is among us and it’s wedding season! My beautiful first cousin Chanel was getting married and I couldn’t be more happy for her. Girl, I love and adore you. You’re such a humble, beautiful and successful human being . A person who’s achieved so many great things, a real Super Woman! I couldn’t help myself,  I swear I was crying so much at her wedding because herself and her husband were so darn sweet!

I’m not even gonna lie and say that I wasn’t stressed about what to wear at the wedding because I was. Why? because it was our first Ly daughter getting marred and this was a serious.  So what does one wear to a wedding? Do you match with the bride’s wedding colors or do you march to the beat of your own drum and show up in a bold print?

As you can see my sisters and I chose option A and all tried to stay classy, neutral and match with the bride’s colors. Honestly, it’s good to shine but the day truly belongs to the bride 😉

(Left to right) Momo was sporting a black tutu and neutral crop tank, while Arielle chose a lacey tea party dress. My baby sister Kenzi rocking a lacey navy blue knee length dress, as kelli gets a little sassy in her teal bodycon and myself in a dark navy, studded knee-length dress. Each of us elevated our looks with a simple focal point. For instance, Momo kept her look simple but she walks with grace while wearing her cobalt blue stilettos. Can you guess what brand she got? Hint: They’re stylish and wont break the bank account. 

Yes we are guilty and take bathroom selfies I mean come on the lighting was bomb!

  I’d say the highlight of my night was taking photos with all my brothers, sisters and grams at the photobooth. 

I swear there was not a dry eye in the house when my cousins said their vows. I was blessed to have witness the union of two beautiful people. I thought to myself wow, these two give me hope that love does exist. As Chanel dances with Mitchell for their first dance, I think to myself damn I missed the non mainstream Taylor Swift. Enchanted is such a hypnotizing song that I’m still singing to it!

What would you wear to a wedding? tweet me your thoughts @aliciamaikaoinc  and make sure to follow me on Instagram @aliciamaikaoinc for more beauty, fashion, k-pop and traveling updates.

Bisous,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao


Instant Style: The Slip Dress

alicia maikao inc

Don’t get me wrong I love my classic LBDs but something about a gorgeous red dress knows how to make the heart skip a beat! I was reading an article from Instyle magazine and was totally inspired the SLIP DRESS. To make my outfit more  casual I dressed it down with a pair black leather ankle booties and structured trench coat. And of course I’ve got my trusty Michael Kors Selma with me, she’s quite the beauty.

:: Outfit Details ::

Outwear: Coat (similar hereDress: Mom’s closet 
Shoes: black booties  (similar here)
Accessories: watch from Agatha, handbag Michael Kors , necklace Forever 21

Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois! -Alicia Maikao