Makeup Face Of The Day: flirty lashes and red lips

Salut mes amis! It’s been too long since I’ve written a post. I wanted to do a quick update and talk about my current makeup obsessions. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, with summer here I’m ready to do more creative fashion photoshoots. I’ve got plenty of ideas and lots new content 🙂

Let”s get into it: on my face I’m rocking a Chanel foundation vitalumiere aqua in the shade Beige 30. I recently bought the Too Faced Peach Eyeshadow Palette and so far so good! The e/s are super creamy and bonus they smell amazing, like a mixture of peaches and chocolate.  Lastly, I chose to wear a  Rimmel Lipstick. I’ve had it since freshman year of college so the labels of the color peeled off but I do know that NYX does have really cute and afford lippies too!

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Trending in Beauty: Sheet Masks

If my skin is stressed out, if I have an event to go to or if I simply  want to stay at home and relax, I make sure to use a sheet mask twice a week. I am a sucker for citrus scents, brightening and whitening properties. My fascination with Asian skincare stems from watching various k-dramas. I was curious how Korean women got such nice skin and their secret was mask sheets. With Google at my finger tips, I did some research and found many brands that I love even to this day from: Missha, Innisfree, The FaceShop to Tony Moly.

Arbutin Whitening Mask

But an oldie but an all time favorite of mine since high school would have to be My Beauty Diary mask sheets. They’re reasonable priced and offers a wide range of scents and benefits like: moisturizing, whitening, collagen, smoothing and firming !


The Arbutin Whitening Mask gives that instant gratification of “whiter and brighter” looking skin after 20 minutes of usage. Interesting fact: My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand.

Character Mask



I didn’t have anywhere to be that day so I wore my cozy pjs, made some hot green tea and went on with my lazy day watching Cheese in the Trap on DramaFever. I’m on episode 12 and it’s getting so good, I have second male-lead syndrome and I’m secretly rooting for Hong Seol and In-Ho.

Anyways, another mask sheet that I was curious to try out was The FaceShop Character Mask because it seemed like a novelty item I didn’t have much faith that it would actually work. Surprisingly it did and it made my skin feel plumper the next morning. I felt like a kawaii panda, next time I’ll try the tiger. I did notice that the Character Mask had a nice citrus that lingered long after I took the mask sheet off. I personally love that, however beauty junkies if you’re sensitive to scents I’d stray away from this one.

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Bisous mes amours,  à la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao



What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Coucou mes chatons! Ça va bien? It’s Monday! and I’m going to be talking about what’s in my  makeup bag. I always keep a ton of good red lippies near me. Since spring is just around the corner I’ve been busting out my lip tints for that “just  bitten a popsicle look.” I love keeping a hand cream with me 24/7 because I’m super self-conscious about my dry hands. I totally recommend anything from Etude House! The scents aren’t too over powering and they packaging is hella cute!

My eyes are quite sensitive so I keep an extra stash of my contact solution with me at all times and if any of you ladies have stick straight eyelashes you’d understand the need to keeping a lash curler with you at all times.

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-Alicia Maikao

Pink Before You Speak

Coucou Mes Chattons! C’est le week-end!! Ouaissss! Aujourd’hui je pense si j’étais une couleur, je serais rose! 💋 Il pleut beaucoup et le printemps est presque ici en Wisconsin. On célèbre avec les couleurs vivant. Sur mes lèvres la couleur RP49 “Mystic flower” de LaNeige. C’est parfait pour moi oui!?!

Maquillage du jour

Fond de Teint: Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet numéro 30 Beige

Eye-liner: Maybelline New York Line Stiletto: Blackest Black 

Mascara: Diorshow numéro 090 Pro Black 

Fard à paupières: Yves Rocher numéro 03 Or cuivre

Rouge à lèvres: LaNeige RP49 “Mystic flower”  (similaire)

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Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao

My Instagram at a glance in January 2016

Coucou mes rayons du soleil! How are you all doing today? All my Mid-West gals and guys stay warm because today were supposed to get a huge snow storm in Wisco. So don’t go outside if you don’t need to. For the month of January I wanted to build and strengthen my IG theme. My goal was to post more fashion blogish photos and feature more skincare goodies. Gradually I can see that it’s becoming more cohesive but I do find myself struggling with telling my story from time to time. I become too technical and posting photos became almost stressful. So mes chatons, do you have any tips on how to stay true to an IG color theme? Let me know!

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Bisous,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao

Skincare for 2016

Coucou mes chatons! Ça va? We’re half way through January and I still haven’t updated my skincare set for 2016. I’m on the hunt for some new whiting and brightening products. I tend to lean more towards buying Korean brands since they’re a bit more affordable here in the States, but I’m open to others as well. I’ve been testing out LaNeige White Plus Renew line and with first impressions the collection smells divine and is winning my heart. After two weeks of using the samples, I can see that the emulsion and essence has definitely brighten and soften my skin. However, I’m still wavering because I’ve heard great things about a high-end brand called Hanyul and when Jun Ji-hyun was the CF queen for their brand I wanted to just buy everything because of her! HaHaHa! But in all seriousness, What’s in your 2016 skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao

How To Use A Peel-Off Mask featuring Glow Recipe

Coucou mes beautés!!! How many of you caved into Cyber Monday because I did and bought some skincare goodies from Glow Recipe. Ugh my bank account is hurting but my skin has never felt better! 🙂

Glow Recipe’s promo was 20% off all purchases over $70. I bought the LINDSAY Modeling Rubber Mask Sets 2 for $11 US dollars. I figured I was getting a better bang for my buck. They stated on the website that the sets are chosen at random. I guess it makes it easier on them but I wish I coulda tried out the charcoal rubber mask.

I thought it was was a cute gesture that the Glow Recipe Team gave me a couple of samples and a hand written letter. The GR Team is amazing and now I’m tempted to get the full size of the Tea Tree 80 Cream.

Now let’s get started:

Each rubber mask contains a spatula which is very practical! I’ll be demonstrating the Cool (tea-tree) Modeling Mask. The instructions say to fill the cup with water up to the line that’s on it but I thought to myself damn thats a lot of product I think I can split this in half, use some now and save some for later. With that being said I eyeballed how much water was need and put the powder into a small bowl and mixed until I saw a nice consistency of thick, gummy texture. Make sure to check out Glow Recipe’s rubber mask video for more info.


Step 1: Start by spreading the mask on the four areas of your face: left and right cheek, forehead and chin.

Step 2: After you’ve evenly distributed the mask, make sure to coat the edges of your face nice and thick so that it’s easier to take the mask off afterwards.

Step 3: Take the mask off after 15-20 mins or until the mask has dried on the skin. You’ll start to see it crackling around the edges.

Step 4& 5: Once the mask is off your skin will feel tight and bright. I’d recommed that you layer up your skincare creams. Can you guess which essence I’m using??? ***Hint: it’s similar to SK-II essential power essence but at half the price 😉

My takeaways from Glow Recipe’s rubber mask: Would I repurchase this? OUAIS, of course, it’s a fun novelty item. Would I recommend this to my sistas out there? OUAIS, this product comes in various types and targets different needs for all skin types. Plus it makes a great Girls Night In party, can you say junk food, k-dramas and rubber face masks! Was it worth the price? OUAIS, if you get the mask set of two it’s like paying $5.50 for each mask. In addition, if you split the powder like I do, it’s like getting two mask in one container!

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Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao


I Need The BLITHE Patting Splash Mask In My Life

Salut Mes Beautés! Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been eyeing this little guy for awhile now. I first heard of Glow Recipe while I was reading InStyle and saw that they’re a Asian skincare company based in NYC. Their story is interesting and I love that the founders Sara and Christine are total skincare junkies like myself. It amazes me on how much experience and skincare knowledge these ladies have on a global level. They’re always looking for the next innovative skincare trends, tips, tricks and bringing it over to the States.

I believe InStyle was featuring their rubber face masks  (**but don’t quote me on this because I also read a couple of articles of their other products from Refinery29 featuring their Whamisa algae sheet mask). Once I check out their other skincare items the BLITHE Patting Splash Mask intrigued me. A face mask that cuts a 20 mins mask sheet into 15 seconds facial sounded amazing!

The Rejuvenating Purple Berry Splash Mask has antioxidants to help brighten and smooth the skin, which is what I love to focus my skincare routine on. They even have a video showing you how to apply the mask, make sure to check it out!

The Rejuvenating Purple Berry is $48 USD and available now at GlowRecipe.

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Gros bisous à tous


Guilty Pleasures: Sephora Haul (part trois)

Salut Mes Beautés! I hope you all have been well. Today will be the end of my Sephora haul review. YAY! To start off, the whole reasoning why I wanted to try Anastasia’s Dipbrow was because my cousins told me the color pigmentation was amazing and I gotta say it totally is! For $18 US dollars it’s not too shabby. I like that it’s in a glass container so it prevents the pomade from drying quickly.

Some background info: Since I colored my hair blonde/sliver, my brows needed some TLC, it’s been about a month since using the color auburn and I adore it. I like that the dipbrow keeps my hair in place without feeling or looking too stiff. There’s no smell to the pomade and I use a about half the size of pea to apply on BOTH of my brows. It’s so pigmented that somedays I’m a little heavy handed and my brows look too dark. However, one of the many pros of this product is that I can blend it out with a spoolie brush.

Steps on applying the dipbrow pomade: I dab a tiny amount on the back of my hand and spread the product around to warm it up. Using my angled eyeliner brush I create small flicking motions on my brows and blend it all out with a spoolie brush. ***TIP: brows should be like SISTERS not TWINS but if you can get your brows to be twins MORE power to you!

But in all seriousness the main takeaway from using this product is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!

Now would I repurchase this? OUAIS, of course. I do my brows every other day, imo this petite jar will last me a while. Would I recommend this to a friend? OUAIS, this product comes in various colors that I strongly feel confident that there’s a match for everyone. Was it worth the price? OUAIS, as I stated above for $18 US dollars a pop, I say it’s decent and doesn’t put a HUGE hole in my pocket.

Are your brows on fleek because of Anastasia? If so comment below and let a sista know! Make sure to follow me on instagram@aliciamaikao for more beauty, fashion, k-pop and travel updates.

Bisous mes amours! A plus tard!

Guilty Pleasures: Sephora Haul (part deux)

Coucou mes rayons du soleil!  It’s part deux of my Sephora haul and I gotta say that I been on the hunt to update my winter skincare routine. After work I popped into my local Sephora to personally test out skincare products before I purchase them online and I saw this huge window cling ad featuring a dewy skin Korean gal with the slogan “K- Beauty Skin Care”.

This is not my image, it does not belong to me. I found it on the Sephora website.

I was like heck yes how do I get nice supple skin like her. I saw all these different Asian moisturizers and essences and I was testing them on the back of my hand. The Boscia Sake Balm caught my eyes because of the fun, bouncy, gel-like texture. ***Boscia is actually a Japanese brand so I thought that Sephora ad was a bit misleading making customers think that all products featured were Korean.

According to Sephora, the Sake Balm is an innovative, gel-textured moisturizer enriched with the finest grade of sake. The Sake Balm delivers hydrating and brightening benefits that result in the skin visibly bouncing back from dryness and dullness. It promotes exfoliation, improves skin’s texture and water content, reduces the look of wrinkle depth, and enhances firmness for a healthier-looking complexion.  Plus it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates. The less chemicals on my face the better in my opinion.

skincare glow

This type of moisturizer texture is something that I have never used before. Right off the bat I though that products in jars are inconvenient and difficult to travel with. I assumed that it would include a little scooper for sanitary purposes but nope it doesn’t. That was already a negative point for me. The first time I applied it on my face, it stung like hell and hurt so bad that I was so tempted to wash it off but for paying $46 USD and I thought to myself “I”m not wasting money, beauty is PAIN Alicia and sometimes a girl’s gotta suffer.” I wasn’t thinking and applied to areas around my nose where the skin was cracked so then the next time I avoided those areas and my skin was fine.

It’s been about two weeks of testing out this baby and so far I LOVEE IT. No break outs, no pimples and it’s super light weight to layer under essences, oils and moisturizers at night. It claims to “hydrate and brighten” the skin. I agree with the hydration but I haven’t seen any brighten affects yet. I HAVE noticed that my face and neck is ten times softener than it was before and I’m loving it.

Would I repurchase this? No, I’ll be finishing this baby up and moving on to the next moisturizer. Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, if they wanted to switch up their skincare and try a gel-like texture. Was it worth the price? I feel a bit torn because it is a high-end moisturizer and it performed strong in some areas as well as lacked in others.

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Bisous mes amours! A plus tard!