My Chicago First: 10K run 


Bonjour mes amours! I am going to start something new with my post, I am going to alternate from fashion, beauty articles with a “my Chicago first” themed blog post. Please continue to follow and support my journey here. Besides being obsessed with fashion and beauty. I call Chicago a her because she’s a girlfriend who has helped me discover what I want, enjoy, and love in life. I have a saying with her…

Je t’aime Chicago. Hier, aujourd’hui, demain, et toujours.

Back in 2015 I became inspired by a person who had changed his entire lifestyle. He became fit, lost a ton of weight and exercises daily. To this day he is still killing it! I kept telling myself damn I want to get skinny and fit too. At first, it was for looks but then it became a life-changing process that got me to change my diet once I moved to Chicago. Jogging, becoming pescatarian and cutting meat out of my diet has helped me immensely to lose weight. I love that when I sweat, I sweat clean and not salty from eating meat.

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Honestly, I had clue what was gonna happen when I participated in my first 10K run. I thought I was gonna die. 10K is roughly 6 miles and I was asking my bestie for advice on how to train for this and she was giving me a lot of tips and said to focus on breathing and pacing.  My goal was to cross that finish line under 2 hours and still be alive. By the time I was at my 5th mile I was so sore but I just kept telling myself “keep going because you’re almost there.”  I like to image that Paris is at the end of the finish line. I just see myself sipping on a cafe au lait since French coffee is too strong for me and eating a fluffy pain au choclat. Hahaha! Check out my millennial medial it’s cuteeee. 

My good running buddy Eva helped me from the get-go. Without her nagging me to actually start recording my time and train I wouldn’t have gotta this far. In a sense, she was my coach. When I heard the buzzard go off and people were starting to run, I pumped up my music and the adrenaline kicked in. I was frightened because I didn’t know what to expect but move forward.

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The Mag Mile was challenging but fun, once I started to run near the lake-shore it got hard to breathe but hearing everyone cheer each other on was the best feeling ever. Seeing so many diverse people was cool, not only was the Mag Mile diverse in people but also in age. I saw youth, adults, and seniors running.

In the words of Lao Tzu, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  What was the last time you did something for the first time? Comment below and follow me on Instagram @aliciamaikaoinc for more fashion, beauty, and travel updates.




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