The Golden Hour Glow


Coucou mes beautés! We’re half way through August and this week is all about that summer time glow without the sun?!??!! One of my favorite times to shoot is during the golden hour because it makes everything all warm and hazy.alicia-maikao-lySEE ALSO: My Instagram at a Glance July 2016

I’m super into protecting my skin at all cost and have tried every trick of the trade to fight wrinkles from using creams to serums. I know, I know…I’m only 24-years-old but hey prevention is key!!!  I avoid going outside at all cost for no longer than an hour and that’s with me slathered with SPF 50+ (I’m currently enjoying Shiseido ‘s Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion, which is great for those with sensitive skin like moi.)  I love a good foundation with a SPF too. I noticed that it’s more common in Asian beauty products to have a high SPF of 30 or higher unlike American products.

In the Hmong culture, I would always see women, children and even men carry umbrellas to Hmong tournaments not because of the rain but to help stay cool and block the sunny rays. I swear my people are so smart! So now where ever I go I bring one too, Hmong tournament or not it’s one more way to block those harmful UV-rays. alicia-maikao-ly

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Another great way I protect my skin is by wearing flirty floppy hats like this one. I bought it at a night market for under $10. (You can cop some cute ones similar to mine from Forever 21 here & here.)  The floppy hat elevates my look and the neutral beige color isn’t invasive to my navy slip dress and kimono so my outfit isn’t overwhelming and simplistic.alicia-maikao-lyHow do you stay protected under the sun? Like and comment below. Follow me on IG for fashion, beauty and travel updates. Until next time:



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