Instant Style: Cutout Booties


Coucou mes amours! The weekend is among us and I just wanna say happy Friday.  Recently I made a new purchase for a pair of sude cutout booties. These booties scream glam and definitely steal the show. My fashion inspiration comes from French woman and Forever 21’s “Now Girl.” I love mixing the two together for a sense of edgy, glam, street and minimalistic.

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alicia-maikao-lySo you’re probably wonder where I got my outfit from? My mom’s closet. Going through her stuff is like going back in time to the 80s and 90s. Her simple black skirt with knee-high slits was from the 90s and her statement necklace originally belonged her sister when she “borrowed” it but never returned. If any of you have siblings you know how that story goes. HAHAHA! I did get my noir chiffon top at Forever 21 (check out here & here for similar styles).

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As for the star of the show my cutout booties, I got them at Macy’s during a sale.  They may look like basic cutout booties at the front but when I turn them to the side….BAM! The heels are see-through and chunky (which is on trend for a hot minute).alicia-maikao-ly Will you be trying out cutout booties this fall? Like and comment below. Don’t forget to follow me IG @aliciamaikaoinc for fashion, beauty and travel updates.

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