Casual Cool Street Style: Bomber jackets

Coucou mes chatons! Happy Wednesday! As you can see I’m trying to revamp my blog so you will see changes in a variety of things of from my layout to my writing style. With that being said I hope you all continue to support me and read my blog.

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions . Doing this photo shoot was difficult in the sense of I felt and thought I look fat and every angle. However, what pushed me to continue this shoot was you guys my supporters. I use this platform as a place where I can write out my thoughts and communicate with you guys.

Small town, Mid-West little Appleton, Wis. doesn’t have a lot going  on for them fashion wise. Trends don’t catch on here as fast as they do in LA, NYC and even Chicago. So I guess I’ll bring it to Appleton.

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Bomber jackets, comfy, casual and dare I even say chic!??! I’m rocking my mom’s bomber jacket from the 90s when she went to beauty school. I’ve notice that the new styles are more fitted and slim (Check out these cute ones from Forever 21 here & here)  maybe that’s why when I was wearing this I envisioned fitted but my photos ended up looking overly puffy. Who knows, I’m trying to challenge myself more and see fashion as art and not take fashion so serious.

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Can we talk about these Green Adidas Stan Smiths though? It was January of 2015 and I first laid my eyes on these beauties. I saw all these cute French girls wearing them so effortlessly and thought to myself. “Dang, I wanna look as cool as them too!” Looking high and low all over Caen with my friend Austen and they were always SOLD OUT in my size 37, like what the hell!

Rewind to J4 weekend and I find them at Rosedale Mall!! I was ecstatic but then the hype of these shoes faded in the fashion world. Kendall Jenner was already rocking her new “it-girl” sneakers. But I thought to myself, I’m getting these and still gonna rock em. Why? because they’re cute and going back to the Mid-West these haven’t caught on trend yet so can I say that I’m the first to rock em here in little ol’ Appleton?

Have you ever continued to wear something that was “out of style”? Like and comment below. Don’t forget to follow me on IG @aliciamaikaoinc for more fashion, beauty and travel updates.




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