My Instagram at a glance: JULY 2016

Salut mes chatons! J’espère que vous avez bien. We’re half way through the year and there have been many challenges that I’ve faced. I checked a couple of things off my bucket list, grown personally and striving for my professional growth as well. Let’s just get into it, it’s been month of highs and lows.

First off, I finally tried something new with my cousins over J4. Paddle boarding for the first time and it was kickass! I love that I was able to be active and enjoy the amazing scenery. Hung out at Lake Calhoun, MN and now I’m planning to buy my first SUP board over xmas or cyber Monday.


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In the times of “Just Do It” I really did. For my sister’s graduation, I took her and myself skydiving for the first time at Skydive Midwest. Yes it was a gift to her but myself as well. The first 1 minute of the free fall I could not breathe what-so-ever, it was difficult adjusting since the wind was smacking my face at 100mph. HAHAHA! in all serious I thought to myself if I want to get out of this quarter-life crisis of mine I gotta want it as bad as the need to breathe! Not trying to get all philosophical but the release of finally seeing the view was mind blowing. Skydive Midwest says you can even see the Chicago skyline, yes but it’s veryyyy tiny. However, seeing Chicago right there made me realize tout est possible It’s like the city was teasing me saying “Alicia I’m right here, all you gotta do is walk on over” I’ve realized that if I want my career to start. I gotta start from the BOTTOM BOTTOM, if that’s the only way then so be it. I’ve got a vision and others may not see it but if I can’t see it for myself how can my loved ones believe in me?


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As I think about all of these thoughts, I need to remember to have fun and I finally put out my first makeup intro video of the Too Faced Peach palette. It’s scary knowing that there could be eyes watching my video. But whatever I need to get over it. I’m planning on filming a “real” video soon. So stay tuned loves. Anywho thanks for listening to me.

My summer to-go eyeshadow palette.—🍑

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My blog will be going through changes and I’m planing to revamp my layout so please be patient if things look crazy. Love you all. Have you checked off your bucket list yet? If so tell me about it and Don’t forget to follow me on IG @aliciamaikaoinc for more fashion, beauty and travel updates.



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