I Miss Praha

Today gives me the traveling blues! Man take me back to the days when I wandered the streets of Praha and enjoyed the blissful scenery. Crazy how time flies it’s been three hundred and sixty-five days already.

People often sat that Praha is the Paris of Eastern Europe. I wouldn’t know if it is or not since the farthest east that I’ve been to is Budapest, Hungary, but that’s an story for another day! But I can say that Praha has bomb food, rich history and wonderful people! I don’t know what I miss more the trdelník, my awesome tour guide Gibby or the overall hostel lifestyle.

Fellow travelers if you’re ever in the area check out Hostel Santini Prague, it didn’t even feel like a hostel, it had more of a hotel feeling. I met so many chill travelers, Jayden hopefully you’re doing well in Malaysia.

Our  spontaneous adventure into the night as we tried to find the Chinese lanterns event.

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Bisous mes amours,  À la prochaine fois!

-Alicia Maikao


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