7 Things In France That Made Me Say: GIRRLLL


No matter how many times that I travel to France or Europe in general. There are some cultural differences that I try to adjust to but still shake my head and do a double take and ask myself “why girl, why??” And yes I understand that I was living in another country to gain new experiences. I am not throwing shade, I am talking about MY cultural shock/ experiences differences that I found interesting, odd and just plain weird.

  1. No free public restrooms in France. Whenever I went out with friends, shopping or waiting for my next train ride to Paris, if I had to use the restrooms I’d have to pay 1-2 Euros. Let’s just say that some emergencies were well worth 2 Euros. ahahha!
  2. I don’t know how it is at other French high schools and universities but the ones that I went didn’t have toilet seats on them. Yes, girl I sat on the rim but after five months of studying abroad I got use to it and it became okay.
  3. Smoking is allowed everywhere and I honestly felt that my skin became stress from all the toxins. So I combated that by doing a Korean face mask once a week. I really like using Innisfree New Its Real Squeeze Green Tea Mask. The essences created plenty of moisture.
  4. Dog poop, I honestly believe that nobody picks up their dog’s poop because every morning whiling I’m trying to catch the bus for university, I was dogging poop left and right on the sidewalk.
  5. Fromage and pain, it’s eaten with every meal. Man oh man I miss eating camembert. 😭
  6. Cream Fresh, living in Normandie I ate that stuff almost every other day! What is it? It’s a magical white creamy sauce that’s cooked with salad, beef, pork, chicken really anything and everything. It truly is the icing for French cuisine.
  7.  French cafe, in my opinion, it’s wayyyy too strong for my preference. Nowadays I know to order cafe allonge, it’s less potent. _DSC0357

Have you ever drank, tasted or experienced something unique while visiting France or Europe? Share your stories with me.

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